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Getting Started With Ruby/Rails

I am often asked, so I am going to just refer folks to this page :)

Sites for Learning

  • - Practice code in your browser, rails, javascript, testing, nodejs, html/css, IOS and mobile development, paid subscription.
  • PluralSight - Great site with hundreds of videos of all kinds of programming, subscription.
  • - Newsletter with helpful insight into ruby,software design and programming. Several articles are free and a subscriber option if you want to support the author.
  • railsapps - Sample apps written in rails
  • destroyallsoftware - Screencasts for the more advanced rubyist, vim, emacs, linux, refactoring, testing. No longer producing new episodes but you can download packs that are still relevant.
  • Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl - a series of screencasts, and also the book is online for free
  • RubyWeekly - Weekly newsletter rounding up news, cool jobs

Practice Code


  • Ruby on Rails Guides - Great resource on the parts of rails.
  • APIDock - Look up methods in ruby or rails, link to see source (great way to learn).



  • Pomodoros - Pomordoros, helps focus time and getting things done
  • - Need some motivation? Task List / Daily Todos in a game interface, level up for real life!
  • Kanban Flow - What I use when I want to write out all the tasks for a project and track pomodoros.


Read code! make it more fun to read with friends! Here is a good video that descibes how to Read Code Good.

When using click see source code to learn ruby from the rails source

Example: click “Show source” Looks like this:

When trying to figure out how gems work, look at tests. If a gem doesn’t have tests, go beat someone over the head then write some yourself. If you are having problems with a gem, look at the issues and see if yours is listed.